Alkaline foods to eat everyday for a long healthy life

Alkaline foods to eat everyday for a long healthy life

Eating a well-balanced diet is often overlooked at times. People may ask which alkaline foods to eat everyday? Consuming bottled water with a higher pH is a craze nowadays. Still, if you had listened attentively to your chemistry lectures, you could quickly tell the difference between an acid and an alkali. You should use several foods in your daily life routine to maintain your body’s pH. The alkaline diet highlights the Alkali foods you should eat daily to make the body’s pH more alkali. The alkaline diet is famous as the alkali ash diet or acid diet.

A few years ago, I visited my doctor while she was concerned with one of her patients with kidney diseases. She told me that she has suggested increasing the use of alkaline food in their diet to maintain their body’s pH level. At that time, I already knew how important an alkaline diet was to me but did I need to increase my Alkali intake as well? She said yes, even if you are not suffering from any disease, you should use alkaline food in your diet to maintain your body’s pH.

Since that day, I have increased alkaline food in my diet, keeping me healthy and looking young. I have seen a considerable difference by eating alkaline food as it has made my body less acidic. The purpose behind writing this article is to spread awareness among people like me who are ignorant of using alkali food in their daily lives. I hope I will convince you guys to add alkaline food to your daily lives and make it healthy.

Which alkaline foods to eat everyday?

There are a lot of alkali foods that you should eat in your daily life. It consists of vegetables and fruits which you can use in raw as well as cooked form. Given below is a list of alkaline foods that you should eat daily.

Dandelions Greens

Do you realize how green vegetables play a significant part in your life? The greens must be eaten up fresh every day. Dandelions are considered the most exceptionally alkalizing herb that you can use to treat kidney stones. It helps to maintain the pH level of the body and doesn’t let it rise. Dandelion leaves can be added to servings of mixed greens or made into a natural tea.

Swiss Chard

Is Swiss chard acidic? Swiss chard is water-soluble. It means you can quickly eat these veggies. What is the pH level of Swiss chard? Swiss chard has a 9.5 pH level when new once it is processed. Crude, verdant green vegetables are very soluble food varieties.

It is an extended source of vitamin A and K. It is also rich in oxidants beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein. Vitamin A helps support the major organs like the heart, lungs, and liver.

Green leafy vegetables


Spinach is a superfood on all records! Spinach is loaded with nutrients K, A, and C, just as being an incredible wellspring of effective supplements like manganese, magnesium, and iron.

Spinach is viewed as somewhat acidic. It has a comparable pH level to different food sources like asparagus, beans, turnips, and beets. Crude spinach is additionally more acidic than cooked spinach.


Kale is a dull, verdant green you can eat raw or cooked. This superfood has been on supper plates since Roman occasions and has been normal across many Europe for quite some time. This vegetable hails from the cabbage family, which additionally incorporates broccoli, cauliflower, and collards. Kale is more well-known than any other time in recent memory and is loaded with nutrients and minerals.


There are several motivations to appreciate more cucumbers in your day-by-day diet. These basic veggies are filled with large numbers of similar nutrients and minerals as the greens above. Still, since they are an individual from the squash, pumpkin, and melon family, they are 95% water, enough to assist with keeping you hydrated.



Almonds are unquestionably a superfood that is exceptionally delicious, thus helpful for our wellbeing. Unlike other dry fruits like cashew nuts, or pecans, almonds are alkaline. They contain omega-3 fatty acids and fibers that keep the heart-healthy. When you are preparing low-acidic recipes, then you should add almonds to them.

Every morning I take 7-8 almonds for breakfast. You can dip almonds at night in water, and in the morning, you can eat them after peeling off the skin.

Root vegetables

Beetroot, radish, turnips, and carrots are an astounding wellspring of soluble food sources which work to keep up the pH balance. They are an incredible wellspring of dissolvable and insoluble dietary fiber that assists with boosting gut great microscopic organisms, decreases undeniable degrees of cholesterol, and brings down the danger of coronary illness and entrail disease. It is another fantastic alkaline food you should eat daily.


The wild and dry fig is exceptionally nutritious and a rich wellspring of dietetic fiber, potassium, proteins, minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and zinc), and nutrients (riboflavin and nutrient B6). Fiber is helpful for the proper working of the nutritious trench. At the same time, the minerals and nutrients found in figs and other leafy foods are fundamental for the development, improvement, and support of decent wellbeing during all life.

Seasonal fruits


Apricots are round and yellow organic products with a comparative appearance to peaches yet similar to purple plums. This stone organic product is otherwise called Armenian plums. It has a few medical advantages, for example, further developed eye wellbeing and assimilation. Devouring two fresh apricots holds back 34 calories, 8 grams of protein, and 0.27 grams of fat—making it ideal for a low-calorie diet.


It is one of the mild to high alkaline foods. Avocado contains a massive load of sound fats as well as being alkalizing, mitigating, and heart-solid. It is a fiber-rich fruit that has a pH of 6.5. It would help if you ate avocados as they are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and K.

You can add several seasonal fruits like green apples, apricots, watermelon with seeds, grapefruits, etc.

If you eat alkaline foods everyday, what are the benefits?

To maintain a healthy body, you need to increase the number of alkaline fruits and vegetables in your daily routine. There are several benefits of alkaline foods you should eat daily. Alkaline foods help in countering the risk of acid reflexes and acidity and bring relief. Indian foods contain alkaline foods to balance their diet.

There are several benefits of using alkaline foods:

Alkaline foods to eat every day to help in reducing weight

To help reduce weight, an alkaline diet should be low in calories. Weight loss depends on consuming fewer calories. Diets that are low in calories and fats promote weight loss. But to lose weight with an alkaline diet, you need to exercise.

Eating alkaline food improves kidney health.

Some people maintain a healthy pH by raising urine. People who are having trouble with kidneys should take a lower acidic diet. There are several alkaline foods that you should eat daily to keep a balanced body pH. For people with chronic kidney disease, there is no need to follow specific alkaline diets. They can reduce the amount of cheese, meat, and milk in their daily diet.

The alkaline foods you should eat every day to prevent cancer?

Several studies have revealed that the proponents of an alkaline diet can support chemotherapy and reverse cancer.

Eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables, and grains might help to prevent cancer.

How alkaline food you should eat daily promote a healthy heart

The leading reason for death in the US and Europe is heart attacks. Poor activity levels and an unhealthy diet are the leading causes behind it. The intake of an alkaline diet helps in promoting a healthy heart by balancing the hormones.

These hormones support the body composition by lowering down the risk of heart attacks. Alkaline foods are low in calories and fats. They lower down the risk of heart attack by maintaining a healthy body weight.

Other benefits of alkaline foods you should eat daily includes:

● Alkaline foods promote growth hormone levels.
● Alkaline foods you should eat daily will help you recover from your back pain.
● It prevents osteoporosis
● Alkaline foods promote healthy muscles.
● It promotes kidney health.

Does The Alkaline Diet Work?

Can you truly change the pH level of your blood? Following an alkaline diet regimen might assist you with getting more fit and diminish your health and growth hazard, yet not for the reasons you think.

It is feasible to change the pH of pee and spit with diet. In any case, when the pH of these liquids changes, blood pH stays the same. Our bodies are working like machines. If there’s an unevenness or health problem, then there are numerous ways your body can address it. If your blood turns out to be excessively acidic, you inhale more carbon dioxide to cut the levels down.

Who needs to avoid an alkaline diet?

An alkaline diet is safe for those people who have no previous health complaints. But some people might not get enough proteins from this alkaline diet, and they feel hungry. While restricting some unhealthy foods in an alkaline diet, several healthy foods are left out.

In an alkaline diet, there is no exact portion or section of food divided per calorie. But, if you are smart enough, you can chalk out a whole nutritional plan for yourself.


The alkaline diet highlights the Alkaline foods to eat everyday to make your body’s pH more alkaline. So am I going to follow an alkaline food diet with the basic eating regimen? Obviously yes. Here are some current realities: the alkaline food eating routine did not depend on logical proof. But practicing good eating habits is an excellent piece of being solid. However, you don’t have to go on the prohibitive antacid eating routine to receive the rewards.

In this case, there is something that I can give that alkaline food that you should eat every day for a healthy lifestyle because it keeps me motivated to fuse more leafy foods into my ordinary eating regimen. On the off chance, let’s say settling on better decisions was the objective, and I think the basic eating regimen assisted me with accomplishing it.

Blood cleansing herbs-How to use food and herbs to detoxify your blood

Blood cleansing herbs-How to use food and herbs to detoxify your blood

After the holiday or at any time if you feel you need to detoxify your body. Blood cleansing herbs are used worldwide to clean blood in natural ways. Many people around the globe prefer different herbs and plant extract to clean their bodies. This blood purification further ensures the better life and health of body parts like the kidney & liver. Healthy kidneys efficiently perform homeostasis, and detoxifying agents reduce the fat in the liver and fight against liver cancer too. So various herbs are being used from thousands of the year to treat various disorders and health conditions.

Functioning of blood

Blood is the primary circulatory fluid in the body which is responsible for all of the body functioning and phenomenon;

✓ Homeostasis: Blood helps to regulate the balance of body fluids and the pH of the body. The blood also maintains the amount of water contents and body temperature according to the surrounding environmental conditions.
✓ Fortification: White blood cells present in the body protect the body by destroying the microbial species invading the blood. This is also supported by the role of platelets in clotting blood in case of any injury or wound.
✓ Transportation: Transportation of water and food is another most essential function of blood; the blood transports the nutrients and the necessary minerals to all the body organs. Along with food, blood is also responsible for transporting oxygen to the body parts & it carries back the carbon dioxide from the body parts.


Why are blood cleansing herbs essential?

As blood is performing multiple functions in the body, it means for the proper functioning of the body; purification and vigilant care of the blood are necessary. This is where blood cleansing herbs help us a lot. These herbs or their plant extract detoxifies the blood and defend the blood against all the microbial species or any invasion in case of any infection. Cleansing the blood means cleaning your body, this is the reason why people always look up to the natural ways to clean the blood to keep their body fit and fine.

How do blood cleansing herbs works?

These blood cleansing herbs assist the body in the detoxifying process.


Two kidneys in the human body are always functional to keep the body fluids in a proper balance; these are also responsible for eliminating waste materials by filtering the blood.


The liver works to convert food into energy. In everyday language, it is said that the liver is responsible for hemoglobin formation for red blood cells. It modifies the toxins into harmless products, and by-products are sent to remove them from the blood.

This phenomenon of blood cleansing is much enhanced by the herbs used. Not only this, but these are also involved in regulating the other body parts performing the natural processes occurring in the body like intestines, spleen, skin, and the lymphatic system. These blood cleaning herbs directly or indirectly helps the body to nourish as well as to grow it in the best possible way.

Some most common blood cleansing herbs

The use of herbs for the cure to ailments or as a remedy is not a new thing to be introduced; this practice is quite common in all parts of the words. The thing that varies is their way of use, either eating them or intake in the form of liquids.

What teas cleanse your blood?

For blood cleansing herbs there are many including:

Burdock Root

Burdock is a very powerful purifying plant. It can help you to cleanse your blood and lymphatic system. We recommend drinking this tea to reduce congestion and swelling. It helps to eliminate toxins through the skin or urine. In addition, it can help your system get rid of excess uric acid. Its properties are effective for a variety of ailments. Burdock tea is great for arthritis, sciatic nerve problems, gout, rashes, acne, acidic blood, edemas, kidney stones, liver problems, etc.

All the goodness in one tea bag; Ingredients Organic Ginger Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Spearmint, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Cranberry, Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Senna Leaf, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Spearmint, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Cranberry, Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Senna Leaf

Cilantro Tea

This is also called Coriander sometimes and an easily available plant in almost all the regions. This is commonly low in cost but highly beneficial to the body. Due to the ever-changing conditions of the environment, pollution is a big threat to human beings. This pollution causes a lot of intake of heavy metals in the body. Trace amounts of these heavy metals are acceptable in the body, but when these heavy metals reach an alarming quantity, these may cause severe diseases after accumulating in the body. The removal of these heavy metals from our body is so vital because their accretion in the body may cause chronic conditions or an array of symptoms. Natural cleaning agents in cilantro attach with heavy metals and lose their adverse and toxic effects. These toxic metals are converted to less toxic or non-toxic forms, and it becomes easier to make them eliminate out of the body.

Red Clover

This herb has multiple uses and is used in the preparations of teas, capsules, tinctures, and topical products. It helps in liver stimulation for bile production, which ultimately leads to better digestion of food. Being a diuretic, it purifies the blood and enhances the detoxifying rate of our body. Red Clover contains isoflavones, which are water-soluble compounds, and mimics the estrogen effects to improve blood circulation and menopause symptoms. Red Clover is the treasured source of several nutrients like thiamin, chromium, calcium, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and Vitamin C. Due to its blood purifying properties, it is used as a tonic during menstruation.

Milk Thistle Capsules

Milk Thistle is one of the most recommended herbs for supporting liver functioning. Active detoxifying agent silymarin is clinically proved to function for stabilizing the cellular membranes and stimulating the detoxifying pathways.

Along with blood purification activity, it is also effective as an anti-inflammatory agent. The nutrient-rich milk thistle is also efficient enough in helping the regeneration of liver cells.

The “good stuff” in Milk Thistle is called Silymarin Flavonoids. The more Silymarin Flavonoids, the better the Milk Thistle! This Organic Milk Thistle has been standardized to 80% Silymarin Flavonoids, which means that each capsule contains 200 mg of Silymarin Flavonoids from a 30:1 extract – the highest dosage available!


Mint has been known so far for its blood purifying and anti-spasmodic properties. It helps in food digestion and weight loss and helps remove all the toxins from the body. While cleaning the body, helps relieves the pain and menstrual cramps by soothing the muscles. Mint leaves are enriched with phosphorus, calcium, and Vitamin A, C, D, and E. It improves the body’s immune system by detoxifying the blood and also helps to relieve indigestion and to reduce any inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bigelow’s Perfectly Mint Tea (Formerly Plantation Mint) has a refreshing mint finish. The fresh coolness of American grown spearmint brings a clean flavor to invigorate your tastebuds for the perfect start to your day and a great pick me up throughout the day. Delicious hot or iced.


An antioxidant agent called luteolin which purifies the blood by flushing all the toxic compounds from the body. It contains diuretic nature, so it has miraculous properties of cleaning the kidney. Many people intake this herb in the form of tea or add it to their daily salad routine. Furthermore, parsley helps keep the kidneys healthy and ensures their optimum functioning by reducing high blood pressure, which is one of the significant reasons for chronic kidney diseases.

Parsley dilates the blood vessels and lowers the BP as it contains high contents of nitrates which improves blood flow and enhances the blood circulation in the whole body.  It is also suggested medically too that parsley should be a part of the diet daily. Leafy greens are an ultimate source of iron so that parsley can quench the daily iron requirements of the body. This iron is the main constituent of the hemoglobin in red blood cells. In this way, this body cleansing herb is also an antidote against anemia.


Preliminary researchers recommend that this diuretic herb can improve the liver functioning but as well as the gall bladder working. If we consider the nutritional value of dandelion, it is enriched with Vitamins A, B6, C, D, and K as well as multiple minerals like zinc, iron, and potassium. Dandelion also contains more amount of beta-carotene than that carrots. Detoxifying agents in Dandelion purifies the blood and also fulfill the nutritional needs of the body. None of the parts of this plant is waste because roots, leaves, and flowers are of equal importance in case of nutritional enrichment. All parts of this body cleansing herb are used for therapeutic tenacities & edible. Its leaves are used as salad, Roots are used to make tea, and flowers are eaten by adding in different dishes, which is vital in detoxifying the blood.


Turmeric is also considered a blood cleansing herb. Its powder is used as a dye in food and it is also a herbal medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, skin cancer, chronic anterior uveitis, wound healing, liver ailments, and urinary tract infections. By blood cleansing and anti-microbial functioning, turmeric is popular worldwide. This plant belongs to the ginger family which is used in Chinese medicine & ayurvedic medicines. A photochemical component presents in turmeric is curcumin which gives it a bright yellow color appearance. This cleansing agent stimulates the gall bladder for bile production to improve food digestion, and more amount of nutrients are assimilated into the blood. It degrades the harmful and toxic compounds in the body and rejuvenates the liver cells. Better functioning of the liver tends towards detoxification of the blood. Curcumin is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. This photochemical compound is also used to determine cancerous cells in the blood, which helps in the prognosis and prevention of cancer and neurodegenerative ailments.

The list of these herbs & their excellent properties is not limited so. Due to the vast properties of blood cleansing herbs and their popularity due to their reported effectiveness is the major attraction for people to get natural blood cleansing herbs to detoxify and purify the blood.